Development Outlook  focuses on key  development issues and challenges in India, from the lens of research, analysis and evaluation. The blog is hosted by the staff at IFMR LEAD. Please note that the opinions expressed in this blog are solely that of the authors and not indicative of the opinions of IFMR LEAD.

IFMR LEAD is a non-profit research organization conducting high-quality scalable action research and outreach in development economics and finance. We are dedicated to leveraging evidence-based research to further economic and financial development of poor people living in India and other low-to-middle income countries.
Our vision is to foster improved financial access, better legal and physical infrastructure, and targeted social services for individuals, households, and enterprises, to help them attain their socio-economic aspirations.

We are driven by the belief that innovative action, paired with rigorous research generates a distinct public good that promotes human freedom and capability to lead better quality lives.
To have any bearing on social, environmental and economic change, the fruits of research must be integrated into markets, policies and practice, bridging the gap between the often disparate worlds of academic research and practitioners or policy makers.
To this effect, we have built strong partnerships within the public and private sectors with a shared commitment to promote evidence-driven development. These partnerships help ensure that research results are effectively disseminated, and that the demand for new, relevant and practical knowledge is being satisfied.

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