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Mobiles for Mobilization: Can ICT innovations empower women?

Raipur: In this month’s story from the field, Research Associate Shruti Sheopurkar shares field notes and insights from a series of focus group discussions with women on the use of ICT and mobile phones.

Twenty kilometers outside Raipur city in the village of Munrethi, Kavita, a masonry worker, welcomes us into her home with warm cups of tea. As we settle down on the chatai in her front yard, we are joined by seven women from her Self Help Group. Amidst conversations about their day to day routine, we get a glimpse into their daily life and their experiences (or lack of) with mobile phones.

"Masonry and painting jobs are easy to come by, a lot of construction is happening in Raipur now”, says Kavita. Working hours at end in the sun and having to come back to the kitchen is exhausting. But this is the only work available to us."

As part of a study to understand the scope of digital technology in fostering women’s labour force participation, we spoke to women about their live…