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Using ICT to help MSME’s prosper - A qualitative insight of Mobile based financial training in Bangalore

Can an ICT-based training program help improve financial outcomes for women entrepreneurs? In this article, Kanika Joshi gives us an insight into the life of Shakuntala - a woman entrepreneur and participant in our ongoing evaluation of a mobile-based business training platform in Karnataka. Kanika is a Research Associate with the MSME & Entrepreneurship Development vertical at IFMR LEAD.  

Pursuing funding agencies to sponsor research projects is an arduous task. It’s not easy to make the donor see the social impact a project seeks to achieve, and how it aims to go beyond knowledge creation. We often assess project impacts in numbers because, well, that makes the data more credible. However, what is rather disappointing, after having gone through such a backbreaking process, is how we get so caught up with numbers, that we end up overlooking the people who make that data.

Shouldn’t people and their experiences be of primary importance to us? In an effort to acknowledge one such ins…