IFMR LEAD at 3ie's Delhi Evidence Week 2015

3ie organized a day and a half of public events on 7 and 8 October to mark Delhi Evidence Week. The theme of the conference was " Using evidence to tackle development’s ‘wicked problems." Our researchers presented in the following sessions organized by 3ie for the event.

1) Doing and using impact evaluations: what does it take? 

The objective of the session was to bring together researchers and their implementing partners to reflect on their work on 3ie-funded impact evaluations. Below is the presentation by Shannon Maloney, Research Manager, IFMR LEAD.

2) DATA: Big, open and rapid 

The objective of the session was to discuss the opportunities and limitations that technology, and open and large data present in generating high quality evidence and specifically impact evaluations. 
Below is the presentation by Charity Troyer-Moore, India director, Evidence for Policy Design, Kennedy School and Senior Research and Policy Manager, IFMR LEAD

To know more about IFMR LEAD's project, please log on to www.ifmrlead.org

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