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Dr. Andre Butler on climate change and poverty

Dr Andre Butler is a Research Fellow at IFMR LEAD. We spoke with him about climate change and it's link with poverty. Here's an excerpt from the interview
What got you interested in the topic of climate change?
When I was first setting out in the field there was major concern that warmer temperatures and water stress were going to cause widespread die-back of the Amazonian Forest. My interest was piqued by the vulnerability of this ecosystem which locks up the equivalent of 11 years of carbon emissions from fossil fuels. At the University of Edinburgh I was involved in a project aimed at better understanding this interaction between vegetation and climate change in tropical regions.

What are the three most important aspects with regards to climate change that Indian policy makers should focus on?

I would say the three most important aspects are electricity, agriculture and agriculture.

Agriculture deserves a double mention because it is both dependent on the climate as well as bein…