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Barriers to basic banking in India

This article was recently published by Ideas for India. It is authored by Camille Boudot from IFMR LEAD, and Amy Mowl.

The Indian government is promoting the Jan Dhan Yojana, Aadhaar and mobile banking – or the “JAM trinity” — as the pathway to financial inclusion. But are banks capable or even willing take on their role in this ambitious agenda? Based on a field study in Chennai, this column highlights the range of costs and constraints imposed by banks on customers attempting to enter the formal financial sector.  

To read the complete article, please log on toIdeas for India 

Chennai should levy Rs 30 per trip as congestion charge

India Climate Dialogue,  hosted by the Shakti Foundation, recently published an article on their website by ENCC, CDF-IFMR LEAD. The article is based on the report by IFMR LEAD on "Fiscal Instruments for Low Carbon Transport." 

Addressing the problem of congestion is critical towards transition to low carbon transport. A recent study shows that Chennai lost over Rs 700 crore due to traffic congestion in 2009. And this cost of congestion is likely to double by next year. Is it time to take a cue from London and levy congestion charges in Indian cities?

City-scale congestion charge – the  fee charged on motor vehicles in certain zones to reduce traffic load – has been increasingly recognized as an instrument that can play an important role in freeing cities from crippling traffic. The impacts of congestion include pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In essence, congestion if not addressed would impede the growth of a city. But what is the cost of congestion at the city level…