CAB Conference 2015 - Translating Research into Policy and Action

IFMR LEAD, at Institute for Financial Management and Research, and College of Agricultural Banking-RBI successfully organized their 6th international conference on financial inclusion and livelihood finance, titled “Translating Research into Policy and Action,” held at the College of Agricultural Banking campus in Pune, Maharastra, on January 16th and 17th, 2015. The conference was well received among practitioners, representing a wide range of sectors from banking industry, microfinance, government departments, and academia.

Shri H R Khan, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India addressed the conference at the inaugural session. Mr. Khan discussed the importance of evidence based decision making where both policy and practice can inform high quality research and vice versa. At the valedictory session, Shri S S Mundra, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India also voiced the need of bridging the gap between policymaking and research. He opined the need to increase our understanding of the relationship between financial inclusion and economic growth, and the need to consider and develop alternative financial products in order to ensure 100% financial inclusion.

The two day conference brought together policymakers, senior practitioners, bankers and researchers, to foster a productive dialogue based on evidence relevant to current and future policies and practices of financial inclusion and financing livelihoods. Renowned development experts from academia, Prof. Shawn Cole from Harvard Business School, Prof. Mudit Kapur from Indian School of Business, Daniel Keniston from Yale University, and Giorgia Barboni from Trinity College, Dublin presented their research results from a number of recent studies on the subject. Researchers from IFMR LEAD also presented results from a wide range of studies undertaken by them.

Some of the key delegates who addressed the forum, and actively participated in the session discussions were- Mr. U S Paliwal, Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India; Dr. UshaThorat, Subject Expert (Ex-Deputy Governor, RBI); Mr. M P Singh, Addl Dev. Commissioner, Ministry of MSME; Mr. K Subramanium, ED, Union Bank of India; Mr. N Srinivasan, Sector Expert; Mr. Michael Andrade, HDFC Bank; Mr Rajesh Bansal,  UIDAI; Mr. Pushpinder Singh, National Payments Corporation of India; Mr. Anil SG, Samunnati; Prof. Sandip Mitra, Indian Statistical Institute; Mr. Pradeep A. Malgaonkar, SIDBI; Mr. Sumit Ghosh, Ujjivan; Mr. Brahmanand Hegde, Vistaar Finance; Dr. Sultan Hafeez Raheman, BIGD-Bangladesh; Ms. Swathi S M, Bharatiya Mahila Bank; Mr. Alok Prasad, MFIN;  Mr. Raghavan HKN, Equitas; Mr. Manas Mohanty, CAB-RBI.

Please see below, the inaugural address by Shri H.R. Khan, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

For the Detailed Proceedings of the conference, please click here
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