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Yale Economic Growth Center's Tamil Nadu Socioeconomic Mobility Survey Part 2- Predicting Toilet take-up in Rural India

We feature a collaborative blogpost by Tanay Balantrapu, Research Manager, IFMR LEAD, and Ashwati Menon, Senior Officer, IL&FS Social Inclusion Group
The Government of India’s Swachh Bharat Mission aims to make India “open-defecation free” by 2019. While it is a laudable goal, it is worth noting that a variety of government-driven sanitation programmes of the past, which included both subsidies and public information campaigns, have not succeeded in addressing India’s sanitation concerns. India accounts for 60% of the world’s population who practice open defecation (WHO-UNICEF, 2012). The economic impact of inadequate sanitation in India in 2006 was estimated to amount to US $ 53.8 billion a year or about 6.4% of the GDP (WSP, 2011).
The problem is particularly severe in rural India where 69.3% of the households do not have latrines as compared to 18.3% in urban India (Census of India, 2011). In Tamil Nadu, for example, only 23% of the rural households have latrines as compared to 7…