The 3ie Conference, Manila 2014 - ‘Making Impact Evaluation Matter’

The IFMR LEAD research team participated in the ‘Making Impact Evaluation Matter’ conference on September 4, 2014 held at Manila, Philippines. The event was hosted by 3ie, in partnership with  Asian Development Bank, and the Philippine Institute for Development Studies. It was the first international conference of its kind that focused on impact evaluations and systematic reviews in Asia. The conference was attended by a diverse group of professionals comprising of policymakers, researchers, development practitioners etc. IFMR LEAD was represented by our lead researchers, Santadarshan Sadhu, Parul Agarwal, Isabelle Cohen, and Shannon Maloney. 

The following papers were presented at the conference:

Affordable Day Care in India: The Case of Rajasthan
By Parul Agarwal, Head of Impact Evaluation, IFMR LEAD

The presentation reflected the key findings in the impact evaluation study of a day care program in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The main focus was on the functioning of the Balwadi Program in Udaipur, the level of women empowerment, and the role of the key stakeholders involved.

Evaluating the Returns to Rural Banking: Village and Household Evidence from Southern India
By Isabelle Cohen, Researcher Manager,  IFMR LEAD

The study undertaken in Southern India evaluates the impact of formal village bank branches on informal financial arrangements among villagers, and on the overall financial arrangement of a household.

When Can Financial Education Affect Savings Behavior? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment among Low Income Clients of Branchless Banking in India
By Santadarshan Sadhu, IFMR Finance Foundation

The culture of engaging in formal financial services has still not evolved among a large portion of the population due to various reasons. The aim of this study is to measure the impact of classroom based financial education on low income households.

Presentations at the 3ie Conference:

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