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Trusting Technology: Insights from the Field

Respondents using Avaaj Otalo (AO) – a mobile phone based agricultural extension service- are used to receiving weekly voice calls incorporating advice on a number of topics including agricultural inputs, weather, cultivation practices, etc. It never ceases to amaze me that so many farmers are willing to accept and implement this advice, having traditionally relied on past experience, local agro-dealers and their peers for information. Initial findings seem to reveal greater dependency and trust on mobile phone based agricultural information over time, indicating a change in practices.

As we explore the scalability of similar information and communication technologies (ICTs), it is extremely crucial that we have an understanding of factors that affect the take-up of such products, particularly those that help build the respondent’s trust in such innovations.
Aside from socio-cultural factors like age, education, income and skepticism towards technology, two factors seem to be instrument…