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Sa-dhan FI Conference 2014 - Opportunities and Challenges of the Nachiket Mor Report

Session Panelists Mr. M. Geevarghese Vaidyan, CGM, SBI Mr. Seshadri Sen, J.P. Morgan Mr. Mukul Jaiswal, MD, Cashpor Micro Credit Ltd. Mr. Rajeev Arora, Director, FINO PayTech
Moderator - Ms. Bindu Ananth, IFMR Trust
Bindu Ananth (IFMR Trust) – Just as a reminder to give perspective, the committee felt the size of the banking sector in India is too small to satisfy the demand for financial services. The point of the report was to suggest ways to increase exposure without sacrificing credibility and we’ve taken the concept of mix model banking to see how that can help fulfill the financial inclusion agenda. I'm going to ask panel to give 2-3 minute reactions to the report.
Seshadree Sen (J.P. Morgan)– Report was one of the most thought through reports I've read in a long time. Firstly, for MFis themselves the report widens the areas which are hither to no-go areas for them.Payments and remittances, which are a huge opportunity in india, it opens up that opportunity for non-banks, it o…

Sa-Dhan FI Conference 2014 - Banks and Microfinance - Partnership for Building Provision of Financial Services to the Poor

Session Panelists

Mr. Sushil Muhnot, CMD, Bank of Maharashtra
Mr. K.S. Singhwan, CGM, SFMC,  SIDBI
Mr. Dilli Raj, President, SKS

Moderator - Ms. Gopika Gopakumar, CNBC


Gopika Gopakumar - Financial inclusion data shows that the number of bank branches opened 2010-2013 has shown a growth by 30%. Despite this, one out of two people don’t have saving accounts and one out of seven don’t have access to credit.
Sushil Muhnot – What is the need for an MFI? As you know we are unable to reach everyone in the banking sector. Banks are commercial and need to look at lending aspects. When you're giving to MFIs you should have a viable institution to invest in. Now, we have great credit rating systems for MFIs so we are able to see which MFIs are viable entities. 
However, the question now is that since RBI guidelines have come up, there is a margin which has been declared. Based on this margin, we have to think what is the potential size of an MFI which can work in this space? Viability sa…

Sa-Dhan FI Conference 2014 – Enhancing Fund Flow to the SHG sector

Session Panelists:
Mr S. Venkataraman (GM, State Bank of Hyderabad) Mr Amarendra Sahoo (Retd., CGM & RD, RBI) Mr Sharad Yadav (ICICI Bank) Mr K. N. Tiwari (Director, Disha India Micro Credit)
Moderator: Mr P. Satish (CGM, MCID, NABARD)

Mr Satish:  The composition of the panel today is interesting since it makes up the supply side and the audience, the demand side….There are many of you who are members of SHGs. We cannot act like an ostrich and ignore the problems facing the SHGs. SHGs are expressing problems about credit flows. SGSY financing has been happening over the past few years but NPAs are growing. Eight million groups have been formed but only 60% of them are credit linked. There are also problems of groups performing well with the first line of credit but not being able to access the second line of credit. The Ministry of Rural Development has come up with the NRLM where the functioning of groups will be under the purview of the state. But so many organisations have …

Sa-Dhan FI Conference 2014 - Financial Inclusion & Self Regulatory Organization (SRO) - Fostering Growth with Enhanced Regulatory Compliance and Policy Constructs

Session Panelists
Mr. N.S. Vishwanathan, Chief Manager-in-Charge, DNBS, RBI Mr. Mohan V. Tanksale. Chief Executive, Indian Banks' Association (IBA) Mr. Rajaram Dasgupta, Professor (Retd.), NIBM Mr. Samit Ghosh, MD and Director, Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.  Mr. Joslin Thambi, CEO, BWDA
Moderator - Mr. Mathew Titus, Executive Director, Sa-Dhan

Mathew Titus – We have this new agenda of becoming a self regulator. As Mr. tanksale said, we have to look at this in tandem with practitioners.