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Microfinance India Summit 2013 - SHG Bank Linkage – Applying the Responsible Financial Lens

Overview:Amulya Champatiray represented IFMR Research at the panel discussion titled, ‘SHG Schematic: Applying the Responsible Finance Lens’ at the Microfinance India Summit 2013. The panel discussed issues and practices in Self Help Group bank linkage with respect to ‘responsiveness and responsibility’ to clients/members, and proposed a way forward. Amulya presented findings from the recently concluded study that attempted to understand the financial and non-financial interactions of SHGs with external agencies, as well as to review the group dynamics in terms of financial transactions, decision making, cohesiveness, transparency and acceptance towards technology and new policies. The study was conducted in three states; Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka, with a total of 200 SHGs selected from each of the three study states. They were administered questions pertaining to their activities at different levels. The session was well received by an audience with diverse backgrounds incl…

Microfinance India Summit 2013 - SHG Bank Linkage – Optimizing the potential

Overview: With the large existing pool of SHGs and the expected growth, it is imperative that the role of SHGs is extended beyond (indirect) credit linkage, and strategies are developed to optimize their potential in enabling comprehensive financial inclusion of their members. How can this social capital be leveraged to contribute to the larger financial inclusion agenda? This session seeks to learn from some existing efforts and brainstorm on operational and policy level changes needed to accomplish that
Moderator: Y C Nanda, Chairman, ACCESS ASSIST (Former Chairman NABARD)
• Dr B S Suran, Chief General Manager, MCID, NABARD
• C S Reddy, CEO, APMAS
• D. Narendranath, Program Director, PRADAN
• Avijit Saha, General Manager, Rural Inclusive Banking Group, ICICI Bank
Y.C. Nanda: What more is required to be done and could we have done more?
B.S. Suran We feel the NPAs have gone up because the end of the SGSY pro…