State-Wise Database of Government Welfare Schemes

Recently, the Livelihoods Initiative at CMF compiled a comprehensive database of government welfare schemes that focus on livelihoods promotion, such as social security,  health and education, broken down by state. This list is available on their project page here as an excel file. 

Given the increased focus on the livelihoods sector through the NRLM and several state level missions, there is a large demand for the documentation of all the major livelihoods promotion activities. This compilation of government schemes is CMF's Livelihoods Missions contribution in meeting that demand. The objective is to assist in knowledge transfer and information flow, to move beyond the re-creation of the same wheel in several different regions, to a more structured and direct approach to livelihoods promotion across the country, through greater collaboration. 

The list is updated as of August 2013, but subject to change as new schemes are introduced and old ones phased out.

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