Savings Video Documentary by CMF - How do poor people save?

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The year is coming to a close and as a member of the Knowledge Management team at CMF, I am really pleased at the kind of work that we at CMF are involved with. The month of November this year, proved to be a highlight as we focused entirely on the savings theme. From discussing various research papers which we blogged about, to finally taking all the theory and substantiating it along with video-graphical proof or instances from the field was a challenge in itself. If you have missed out on any of the Savings-related blog posts for the month of November - click on this link and you shall find them.

Savings, no matter how simple it sounds is a complicated case. It does not matter whether you hail from an economically strong section or a weak one - there is lot more involved apart from how one's occupation alone. Behavioral factors play a crucial role and this video presentation is an attempt in capturing that aspect.

This is a maiden attempt by Centre for Microfinance (CMF-IFMR) in capturing a unique theme like 'Savings'. We hope to see our readers' participation in the form of comments and even are open to any kind of feedback.

For now, from the KM Team, we can assure you to look forward for more of these kind of presentations in the future on various themes that deal with Financial Services for the Poor.

Merry Christmas to everyone out there !! :)
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