Some recent articles and media related to microfinance and financial inclusion

Author: Shardul Oza

1. Does Microfinance Work? CGAP’s Microfinance Gateway aggregates recent articles and opinion pieces written in response to David Roodman’s book

2. Nachikets Mor’s CGAP interview on Wealth Management – Nachiket Mor, Chair of IFMR Trust, speaks about the challenges facing financial inclusion in India and his company’s unique approach to financial services for the poor (video)

3. YARTOM* David Roodman discusses results from the newest RCT impact evaluation of microcredit

4. Can the expansion of microfinance add up to macro-impacts? NYU economist Jonathan Morduch on the limited academic work that links microfinance with larger-than-household level impacts

5. Repairing a Tarnished Image: A plea for transparency in Indian microfinance -Daniel Rozas on what Indian MFIs should do to reestablish trust with their clients and other important constituents

6. Lunch with the FT: Esther Duflo – The Financial Times profiles prominent development economist Esther Duflo. Duflo is co-director of MIT’s Jameel Abdul Latif Poverty Action Lab and a principal investigator on several CMF studies.

7.  The Guardian’s Poverty Matters Blog features two blogs on the effectiveness of microfinance:
Is sustainable local development a persuasive alternative to microfinance? 

8. Is microfinance an engine of development: Finca says Yes
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