Has demonetisation fostered a ‘shift to digital’ for the banked poor?

Preethi Rao, Suraj Nair, and Shruti Korada write on the impact of demonetisation on the banked poor. Two years ago, the government o...


Skilling India – Towards a Robust Qualification Framework for Training Programs

Author: Pratibha Joshi, Research Fellow, IFMR LEAD Skill development has emerged as a key policy priority for India. While there has be...


Promoting Energy Efficiency in India: A closer look at the Policy and Regulatory Framework

The building sector accounts for a significant share of energy consumption in India. Thus, policies that encourage energy efficiency in bu...


How a Human Touch Agent Can Make a Difference in Promoting Digital Financial Services

What does effective human touch look like in the digital age? Authors Shreya Chatterjee and Misha Sharma share preliminary insights from a...


Shifting Gears: On RCTs and Beyond

The use of Randomized Control Trials to evaluate development policies has garnered significant attention in the last decade. In this art...

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