What does Global Findex Database 2014 tell about Financial Inclusion in India? Improved, but a long way to go...!

The World Bank’s Development Research Group ‘Global Financial Inclusion Database (Global Findex)’...


Please spare a few minutes! Short Survey by IFMR LEAD on Open Government Data Initiative in India

IFMR LEAD is conducting a survey to understand the perception and opinion of socio-economic researchers regarding the Open Government Da...


Experimenting with piggy banks for livelihoods

Picture yourself as a working-woman in rural Bihar.  Lucky for you, at this time, it’s the three ...


From the diary of a novice researcher

Currently, we are in the baseline phase of data collection for the project- Affordable Day Care ...


Us and Them (Pink Floyd, 1973)

After having worked in the field for considerable amount of time, I use this space to reflect on...


CAB Conference 2015 - Translating Research into Policy and Action

IFMR LEAD, at Institute for Financial Management and Research, and College of Agricultural Bankin...


Big and small ideas in development economics: Theory, evidence and practice

Karthik Muralidharan, Associate Professor of Economics, University of California, San Diego spea...

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