Soil Economics – The “Science” in the economics

We feature a colaborative post by our Thanjavur based RA's, Suraj Nair and Sohini Chaparala....


Is it time for SHG2? Revisiting the SHG Model

We feature a collborative post by Parul Agarwal, Amulya Champatiray & Misha Sharma on the resul...


Our Interest in Interest Rates

Interest rates may be important, but that doesn’t make them easy to measure. Interest rates h...


Amma in your face

We feature a collaborative blogpost by our research associates based in Thanjavur,  Nikita Tanirpat...


Trusting Technology: Insights from the Field

Respondents using Avaaj Otalo (AO) – a mobile phone based agricultural extension service- are used ...


Can Qualitative Research be Rigorous? Part 2: The Value of Qualitative Research Methods for Impact Evaluation

For the remaining segments of this series , I’m going to specifically focus on the role of qual...


How to Increase Formal Savings for the Papad-Makers of Dharavi Slum

We feature a post by Mudita Tiwari and Deepti Kc, featured on the Financial Access Initiative blog...

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