Chennai should levy Rs 30 per trip as congestion charge

India Climate Dialogue,  hosted by the Shakti Foundation, recently published an article on their we...


What does Global Findex Database 2014 tell about Financial Inclusion in India? Improved, but a long way to go...!

This blog post was featured as one of the 'Top Picks of the Microfinance Blogosphere' in th...


Please spare a few minutes! Short Survey by IFMR LEAD on Open Government Data Initiative in India

IFMR LEAD is conducting a survey to understand the perception and opinion of socio-economic researchers regarding the Open Government Da...


Experimenting with piggy banks for livelihoods

Picture yourself as a working-woman in rural Bihar.  Lucky for you, at this time, it’s the three ...


From the diary of a novice researcher

Currently, we are in the baseline phase of data collection for the project- Affordable Day Care ...


Us and Them (Pink Floyd, 1973)

After having worked in the field for considerable amount of time, I use this space to reflect on...


CAB Conference 2015 - Translating Research into Policy and Action

IFMR LEAD, at Institute for Financial Management and Research, and College of Agricultural Bankin...


Big and small ideas in development economics: Theory, evidence and practice

Karthik Muralidharan, Associate Professor of Economics, University of California, San Diego spea...


Giorgia Barboni on her Research Experience in India

Giorgia Barboni is a Principle Investigator on a few IFMR LEAD projects. She was recently in India ...

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