Amma in your face

We feature a collaborative blogpost by our research associates based in Thanjavur,  Nikita Tanirpat...


Trusting Technology: Insights from the Field

Respondents using Avaaj Otalo (AO) – a mobile phone based agricultural extension service- are used ...


Can Qualitative Research be Rigorous? Part 2: The Value of Qualitative Research Methods for Impact Evaluation

For the remaining segments of this series , I’m going to specifically focus on the role of qual...


How to Increase Formal Savings for the Papad-Makers of Dharavi Slum

We feature a post by Mudita Tiwari and Deepti Kc, featured on the Financial Access Initiative blog...


Training: A Way to Improve Data Quality

Currently, I'm involved in the field team training for a second round of data collecti...


Is Financial Literacy Worth it?

Financial literacy is a  complex thing . A broad way of thinking about it is, as ...


What is the Best Metric for Measuring India's Progress?

What metric best measures a nation’s progress? A composite metric that is a combination o...

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