CAB Conference 2015 - Translating Research into Policy and Action

IFMR LEAD, at Institute for Financial Management and Research, and College of Agricultural Banking...


Big and small ideas in development economics: Theory, evidence and practice

Karthik Muralidharan, Associate Professor of Economics, University of California, San Diego spea...


Giorgia Barboni on her Research Experience in India

Giorgia Barboni is a Principle Investigator on a few IFMR LEAD projects. She was recently in India ...


Demand and Adoption of Innovation- Mobile based services

“Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity" - Michael Porter Any study ...


Financial literacy: When, what and how

This article is authored by    Parul Agarwal, Senior Research Manager at IFMR-LEAD, and was recently published by Ideas for India. The ne...


Yale Economic Growth Center's Tamil Nadu Socioeconomic Mobility Survey Part 2- Predicting Toilet take-up in Rural India

We feature a collaborative blogpost by Tanay Balantrapu, Research Manager, IFMR LEAD, and Ashwati ...


Electronic Data Collection – An overview for beginners

We feature a collaborative blogpost by our research associates,  Sneha Mani and Suraj Nair Today, ...


How cultural beliefs and attitudes of women influence women’s participation in economic development

Previous studies on women’s role in agriculture and nutrition have indicated that women’s empowerme...


Bridging the Last Mile : Evaluation of Mobile Phone- Based Agricultural Extension

In 2011, we launched a large-scale field experiment to evaluate a service (Avaaj Otalo, or AO) that delivers mobile-phone-based agricultura...


Can Qualitative Research be Rigorous? Part 3: Sample size

Since the last post, I’ve had the opportunity to witness a couple of dialogues on the quantitative ...


Women’s Empowerment: The Importance of Micro Level Indicators

We feature a collaborative post by our  RA's, Arpita Khanna and Monisha Mason. Women’s empo...

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